click here for the EPlove giveaway 2011 rules and info

Salutations and thanks for coming here to see what we’ve got in store for one lucky couple this year. EPlove along with Green Wedding Shoes is giving away free wedding photography for one couple in 2011 and also a custom charcoal portrait of the bride and groom from Brittany of lady bop creations, but even we don’t know who that couple is yet. That’s where you come in, but first we’d love to acknowledge our guest judge Nancy from So Happi Together. She is an amazing EVENT DESIGN + WEDDING COORDINATOR, and if you would hire her for your wedding, you’d find yourself designed and coordinated!

We had so many fantastic submissions this year and it kinda blew our minds how creative brides and grooms are these days and with that in mind, there were a few extremely deserving submissions that were on days we were already booked. So out of the rest, Nancy chose our 3 finalists, and it’s time to meet them…then decide the beautiful fate of that one winning couple. After you’ve read each couples story and have seen their inspiration/storyboards, leave a comment on the post that you think should get their wedding photographed for free. As hard as it may be, please only comment on one wedding.

Thank you so much for coming here to be a part of this special moment in our lives. You have until midnight on Friday the 11th to get your votes in. GOOD LUCK Nichole, Jeff, Sadie, Dana, Jen and Ryan!!!

2 Responses to “click here for the EPlove giveaway 2011 rules and info”
  1. Kay Miller says:

    They should win!

  2. Kay Miller says:

    I am so happy for you and Ryan. Good luck to you both for a long and happy life.

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